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Chumley's Breeding Chart

NN Sprocket (Black Hooded)
      NN Cream Puff (Beige self)

This litter produced all blacks. I kept NN Sprocket from this breeding. 
I believe there were 8 in the litter, but it was not my litter and 
I will need to get more notes from Nookie's Nest.

N/A Chumley N/A RnR Willy (9 in litter-4 are in this color) Chumley NN Sprocket (Black Hooded) NN Cream Puff (Beige self)

This breeding..Father/Daughter produced blacks and colors simular to Chumley. The ones that were simular to Chumley, have a lighter tone to them, simular to lilac but not quite. See pics of RnR Willy. And a couple other pics with simular color, same litter.

Unknown Chumley (color unknown) Unknown RnR Polo the 1st-Blue ??merle?? Chumley(color unknown) RnR Chablis(SP siamese-Sarah has her brother) AR Chia(RB Agouti)

This is the inbred litter. There were 4 blues in this litter and the rest 6 were all blacks. There were no siamese in this litter. One male,(A blue), is cryptorchid. No other problems to date. These blues when bred to a blue did not breed true. **NOTE**(I have a litter now out of RnR Chablis & BH Kirby-15 in the litter-(12 are siamese))

Chumley bred to a lilac self again, produced all blacks. Minnie was a pet store find so her background is unknown. It more than likely was a mink based lilac instead of chocolate.

A Chumley/Chia daugter was then bred to Aldo, also a lilac (Parentage unknown) and again, all black which brings us to the conclusion the same as above. Aldo's photo os labled pearl merle but he was a lilac.

N/A unknown N/A Chumley N/A unknown N/A RnR Mocha (mocha colored) N/A Unknown N/A Gandalf (Powder blue) N/A Unknown N/A AR Chia (RB Agouti) Skiff(Russian Blue Self) Reilly(Off-Black) Diana(Seal Point Siamese) BH Twilight Glow (SP Siamese) Skiff(Russian Blue Self) Kimini(Seal Point Siamese) Diana(Seal Point Siamese

This is a repeat breeding. This is an outcross breeding. There were none of this mystery mocha color in the first litter. Colors in these litters included, Siamese (SP), cinnamon, cinnamon agouti??, siamese, black,and Russian Blue Agouti as well as some in Chumley's color. (Some with brownish cast, some with greyish cast(not blue) I have pics of many of these if needed. One other color also unidentified. (RnR Cherry) She is not mink as first thought.
Cherry was bred to BH Kirby (RB) This litter contained blacks, champagne , russian blue and same color as Cherry hereself.

BR Lumiere(Pearl Merle) AR Jordan(Pearl merle) MNM Autumn(Cinnamon Satin Dumbo) AR Chloe(Pearl merle) BR Jake(Black Hood Rex Dumbo) AR Cara JR Shimmer(Black Berk-Carries Dumbo)

Ok, next, we have Chumley bred to AR Chloe. 15 in this litter-all are black berk,& black hooded. No pearl and no mink.

N/A Chumley N/A All black litter but one N/A Winonna (Blue Rex-darker blue, not Russian) N/A Next, Winonna. Chumley bred to Winonna. Again, all are black but one which is a siamese. There are 12 in this litter. No blue in this ltter as expected. Now questioning if Chumley carries a true blue gene or a mutated gene that mimics true blue.
N/A Unknown N/A Chumley N/A Unknown N/A All Black litter BR Filigree (silver rex berk dumbo) AR Bounce (mink merle berk dumbo) BR Bonaventure (black self dumbo) AR Belle BR Bonaventure (black self dumbo) AR Kiah (agouti self dumbo). Opaline Nutmeg This Litter produced all Blacks and proved that Chumley does not carry Dumbo or mink. A daughter from this litter was bred to AR Spike (Blue Blazed, carrying Dumbo). No blues in that litter.

At 8 weeks, Chumley looked blue. He had faint brownish hairs mixed in with the blue. The first color pic shows the progression of color changes he went through. Temperments and health over all have been very good. Only one known problem to date, and that was the cryptorchidism in one male from an inbreeding. Other inbreedings on Chumley have not given this. I will be adding more notes to this page as we learn of them. Including what Chumley's kids are producing to help give a better idea as to what color gene we are dealing with.

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