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Welcome to the Michigan Fancy Rat Association (MFRA). We are a non-profit organization devoted to educating the public about what wonderful animals fancy rats are. We wish the serve the fancy rat community within the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Canada, but we welcome members from anywhere in the United States or globally if they subscribe to the mission of our organization.

The MFRA's mission is to improve fancy rats as a species through proper care and ownership and responsible breeding according to Rat Society of America (RSA) standards. We will strive to promote fancy rats as wonderful, human companion animals, by sharing ideas and educating others, in order to broaden the collective knowledge of all rat fanciers and animal lovers.

Some of our members may be available to do educational presentations for your classroom or organization, demonstrating what wonderful companion animals fancy rats can be.

It is currently free to join the MFRA. You may register yourself as an individual or a family. With your membership you will receive a link on our members page to your rattery. You will also receive a monthly newsletter sent directly to your email address, that lists all the activities and events taking place within the organization. You may fill out an application to the MFRA by clicking here.