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Topics of Interest

We welcome member's contributions and experiences in the form of informative articles or short stories. If you have an informational or educational article on caring for fancy rats, or an enjoyable experience about your fancy rat, that you would like to share, you may offer your article or short story for review to: MFRA Mailbox.

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Current Health Alerts - Various Members Contribute to This Section

A Beginners Guide to Fancy Rats - By Carrie Noring

To Sneeze or Not to Sneeze - By Kathryn Lovings

Caring For Your Fancy Rat - By Kathryn Lovings

The Rat Enrichment Study - By Sarah Paterson-Farrand (Download time two minutes.)

The Rat Enrichment Study - By Sarah Paterson-Farrand


The Raising of Herkie and Ruggie - By Kathryn Lovings


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Rat Society of America (RSA)
The Rat Fan Club
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