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Rat 'n Rave is proud to introduce our newest feature. We will be holding a virtual rat show to be judged May 8th, 2004.
All entry photos should be sent to: before May 1st, 2004.
Please submit one full shot of the backside of the rattie that includes any headspots or markings on the face and also a full belly shot with a neutral background (Preferably white or tan)
Photos should be 600 x 400 (or as close to this as possible). Please make sure the quailty of the photo is not grainy. All animals will be judged according to RSA standard. Be sure to enclose a brief explaination with each submission including-Name of Animal, breed, Color, Type, Age, Owner, Breeder. Any photos found to be enhanced or color corrected in anyway will be cause for disqualification of that animal. All animals must be living at the time of the submission to this show. All submissions will be placed on a page for others to view prior to judging.
Winners will be displayed on their own personal page along with all information provided by their owners. We hope you will enjoy this safe alternative to live shows until such time that they are safe to attend with your animals.