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 RnR Sawyer ex RnR Pringles
D.O.B.-May 23, 2004

Left photos taken at 5 weeks of age and right side as they are growing

1-male-blazed silvered chocolate RnR Mario Ratdretti

2-chocolate female dumbo-crooked blaze-odd eye-RnR Robin-Lives in Illinois

3-black female blazed veriberk-sold-RnR Minnesota-Lives in Georgia

4-blue blazed male-RnR Luigi

5-black self female-Sold-Lives in Port Huron

6-blue male blazed (crooked)-Sold Lives in Grand Rapids

7-Black Male self-RnR UnNamed.

8-chocolate blazed male-sold-RnR Oliver-Lives in Saginaw

9-female black thin blazed veriberk-sold-Lives in Illinois

10-black male blazed dumbo-Sold-Lives in Grand Rapids

11-chocolate blazed almost hooded male-RnR UnNamed

12-blazed blue female-Sold Lives in Grand Rapids

13-male chocolate odd eyes blazed veriberk-RnR UnNamed

14-chocolate blazed female dumbo -RnR Slipnot

15-siamaese female-Sold-Lives in Port Huron

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