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Rats from our Past

AR Belle-breeder Aristorats
Mink Merle satin dumbo
Lived to 3 yrs 2 months of age.
remained healthy but went blind
shortly before her death.


HT Ratri-bought from RizzRats
Black self, carried dumbo. Wonderful!! Temperment. Liked to mark Everything though. Very friendly. Some on and off wheezing from exposure to SDA but overall, pretty hardy.


RnR Truffle-Chocolate Female. Wonderful Mother and very social with both people and other rats. health-excellent.


RnR Tequila Rose-Cinnamon Dumbo Female. health-excellent. Passed away at a little over 3 years of age. Very sweet and cuddly. She was our embassador,traveling to parks, schools, etc. We still miss her very much. Very grandmotherly and patient with new babies from other ratties born here.


RnR Frasier. Pearl Dumbo Rex.
Calm and quiet. A little "slow" but very sweet. Nice size. lived peacefully with other males and excellent with people.


BH Kirby-Russian Blue self. Bred by Birch Hills Rattery.Kirby was a nice boy, great temperment, a bit sneezy overall, and died way before his 2nd birthday. He was exposed to SDA in transit from NY to me which could explain the sneezy/wheezies. Then exposed again a few months later when we bought some animals from Illinois. High cancer rate in his offspring.

AR Batman-AR Jordan
ex AR Cara-Mink dumbo rex. Named because she was always hanging upside down in the cage, climbing around. Nice girl. Sweet temperment. Outgoing and busy. Wheezy on and off. Possibly due to the SDA exposures.


TA Eeyore-Bred by Talisan Rats. Blue self. We saw some interesting longer haired animals from him, bred to our girl, RnR Svala. Calm temperment. Health was good.

MY Terra-Carried Dumbo. Fawn Hood. Wonderful temperment. Health good. This girl always kept us in stitches. Terra was bred my Myomorpha Rattery.


RnR Pinball-Black Blazed Dumbo. Solid temperment. Friendly and inquisitive. Shown here with his buddies, RnR Frasier and RnR Jiggles.

AR Chia-She reminded me of a Chia Pet when she first arrived. Rexed, russian blue agouti. Outstanding temperment, she was a credit to her breeder. Chia lived to be almost 3 years of age when she developed a mammary tumor that could not be removed.

RnR Oops- (far right)Out of RnR BlooManToo ex RnR Mochachino-with his sons out of RnR Truffle. His sons shown below. Large, black rexed. Produced his type and size. Health was good. Social with other animals. Somewhat standoffish with people at times.

RnR Levi-Extreme smoked Chocolate self.
Chumley of RnR ex AR Chia. Very much like his sire, Chum in type and temperment. Health was good.

RnR BlooManToo-Blue rexed dumbo. RnR Jester ex RZ Lilly. Larger in size. Not as outgoing, could be somewhat picky about his cagemates. Health good.

RnR Willy-RnR Hannah2 ex RnR Levi. Chocolate hooded. Outgoing, good temperment. Health good.

RnR Chip-Chumley of RnR ex AR Chia. Large, quiet. Health good. Smoked chocolate.

RnR Chester-Chocolate Self. Chumley of RnR ex AR Chia. Busy and inquisitive. Loved everyone.. Health good. Littermate to ChOzark, Cherry and Chablis.

AR Jordan-Bred by Aristorats. Very personable. Health good for the most part. Occasional wheezes.Very sweet. Pearl merle.

JR Spike-Blue Blazed, carried dumbo. Bought as an adult. Very sweet and calm. Wheezy on and off throughout his life. Very passive. Good with people and rats.

Chumley of RnR-Chocolate berk. The foundation of my rattery and my line of chocolates and tortis.
Outstanding health and temperment. Lost him prematurely to a supposed safe litter. He ingested it, became impacted and died in my arms before anything could be done to save him. I loved this boy so much and can see him still in many of the animals I have today. He was to me what every rat should be and what I strive to maintain here at our rattery.. Even when exposed to SDA at two different times,he never so much as sniffled.

RnR Cherry-Chumley of RnR ex AR Chia. Chocolate self. This girl was my Son's pride and joy. She went everywhere with him. Her temperment was outstanding as we her health. She was from my first litter of rat here at Rat 'n Rave.

RnR Chablis-Littermate to Cherry and ChOzark. Rexed, himalayan. Sweet girl. Good health.

RnR ChOzark-9/1/98-Chocolate Self. Littermate to Cherry and Chablis. Sweet temperment. Health good.

RnR Mr. Buttons-Agouti self dumbo. Beautiful conformation. Temperment was a bit dominant with other males. Good with people.

TA Cocoa-Chocolate self. Bred by Talisan rattery. Wonderful temperment. Very sweet rat. Loved everyone. Health good. This girl was wonderful and a real credit to her breeder.

RnR Somethin Special-Born June10, 2000-RnR Oops ex RnR Mochachino. This boy had it all. Sparkle, temperment and health. Unfortunately, he was not utilized because it was at a time that I was not breeding. He was an awsome animal and I wish now that I had bred to him at least once.

Ah, the king :) Ratso was an entity all his own. He would come on a dime if I called, even if he was in a sound sleep. He was my baby and it is because of him that my interest in rats grew. He was my little buddy :)

RnR Reebok-Littermate to RnR Nike. Pearl dumbo. Calm and quiet. As you can see here with his pal, Speemo, who luckily was not much of a Mouser :)

RnR Nike-AR Jordan ex AR Batman. Pearl Merle. littermate to RnR Reebok. Another sweetie. Layed back and good with both rats and people.

AR Merrigold-Breeder: Aristorats. Fawn, carries dumbo.Wonderful temperment. Always busy, looking for goodies.

RnR Mocachino-Chocolate Self. RnR Levi ex RnR Mocha. Good sized rat. Temperment was good. Health good.

RnR Batboy- AR Batman ex AR Jordan-Littermate to Nike and Reebok-. Mink rexed self. Large, squishy male. Very calm. He was the perfect lap rat. Pet only

RnR Bullwinkle-Silvered Black blazed. Good health. A bit dominant with some male rats. Great with people. Pet only

RnR Rocky-Littermate to RnR Bullwinkle. Agouti Self. Quite the charachter. Good health and temperment. Got along great with both people and rats. Pet only

RnR Eddie-Mink merle dumbo self. AR Belle ex RnR Nike. Sweet rat. Very calm in nature. Health good. Pet only

Bubba (with his little pal Kirby). Bubba was dumped in a pet store at 1 year of age because his previous owner had grown tired of him. We found and adopted him. He was a lovable giant. He lived to be almost 2 years of age. Pet only

Rufio-Agouti rex veriberk. This boy we think had some sort of a thyroid issue. He was enormous! About the size of a nerf football. We believe he had a heart attack. I have never seen anything like what this boy looked like. His flab over hung his body. He was so sweet and calm.

RnR Tie Dye-RnR Giggles ex NN Onyx. Fawn Hooded Blazed Odd eye. We stopped breeding from Onyx's line because there were temperment flaws. Onyx had been the sweetest boy you could want until he hit 6 months of age. It was Jekyl/Hyde. Up to this point, he was the picture of perfection in temperment. Sweet, handled daily and had given no indication of what was to come. I placed my hand into his cage and he charged, bit my finger, backed up and bit/held on and shook. It happened so quikly, there was no way to avoid it. This resulted in nerve damage to my finger and 2 trips to the E.R. This is NOT typical behavior. Onyx was euthanized-1/24/99. Some may disagree with the drastic measure on euthanasia in agressive rats. So be it, but we have 3 kids. They think nothing of handling any animal in this house. It could have been them that was bitten instead of myself. For a good article on rat agression, please contact Jen at Rizz Rats. It is very important for us as breeders, to selectively breed for temperment and health above all things. Most of the animals that we, as breeders, produce, end up in family situations as children's pets. Please, think before you breed and keep records. Be willing to share this information with other breeders and buyers. Fortunately, Tie Dye did not show any problems, but we did not want to risk passing on more bad genes so she was retired as well. Temperment was good, health good.

More information and rats will be added soon.

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